Foreign students residing in the hostel have the right to:

  • participate via the Students Council in solving the issues of housing and living provision of residents, organization of their leisure time;
  • move to another room of the student hostel after having obtained  the consent of the administration of the Institute;
  • address to administration of the hostel with a request for timely repair, replacement of the equipment and stock which has been out of service not on their fault;
  • use household appliances in compliance with safety regulations and fire safety rules.

Guests are allowed to stay in the hostel from 2: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm . Guests must show an identity document.

Close relatives (parents, grandparents, siblings) of the students living in the hostel can live in their room or a guest room for no more than 2 days according to the consent of the administration of the hostel and the consent of roommates. In case of staying more than 2 nights, visitors pay for the hostel services at commercial rates.  The length of stay in the hostel for guests should not exceed 7 consecutive days.

Students living in a hostel are obliged to:

  • show a pass at the entrance to the hostel, the transfer of the pass to other persons for passage to the hostel is prohibited and punishable;
  • observe the rules of safety, fire safety, the terms of the agreement on accommodation in the hostel;
  • take care of the premises, equipment and inventory of the hostel, economically spend electricity, gas and water, keep the living areas and common areas tidy, clean their rooms and kitchen in accordance with the schedule;
  • timely pay a fee in the established amounts for accommodation until the 10th day of the current month;
  • provide timely documents for registration at the place of stay;
  • compensate in 2 week period the damage to the property of the hostel;
  • show an identity document or a pass to the hostel at the request of the hostel administration;
  • provide the possibility of inspection of the room by the administration of the hostel (if necessary).

It is prohibited for the students living in the hostel to:

  • move from one room to another, from one hostel to another one;
  • make alteration and repair of an electric network;
  • use sound-reproducing devices from 11: 00 pm to 7: 00 am;
  • smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes and hookah in the hostel; disciplinary measures are applied to smokers in the hostel. For violation of the rules of smoking in the hostel students can be fined, up to eviction from the hostel.
  • bring outsiders to the hostel and (or) let them stay overnight;
  • provide living space for outsiders, including those living in other rooms;
  • appear in the hostel in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxicological intoxication;
  • drink alcohol;
  • take, store or sell addictive substances;
  • install additional and new door locks without the consent of the hostel administration;
  • keep pets in the hostel.

Liability for violation of the requirements of this Regulation.

 For violation of the requirements of this Regulation and  the rules of internal regulations in the hostel there may be applied the following disciplinary measures:

  • Admonition;
  • Rebuke;
  • Eviction from the hostel with the termination of the residential lease agreement;
  • Expulsion from the Institute with eviction from the hostel and termination of the residential lease agreement.

Residents may be evicted from the hostel in the following cases:

  • Use of premises for other purposes than living;
  • Destruction or damage to residential accommodation;
  • Refusal of residents from registration at the place of residence;
  • Constant violations of the rights and legitimate interests of neighbors, which makes it impossible to share the same hostel room;
  • Non-payment for accommodation within 3 (three) months;
  • The actual absence of living in the hostel for more than 2 months in a row without a valid reason and warning;
  • Appearance in the hostel in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxicological intoxication;
  • Expulsion from the Institute;
  • In other cases stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Application of disciplinary sanctions is made out by the order of Rector on the basis of the decision of the Student Council, coordination with Student Trade Union and the decision of Council on Educational work.

The main document regulating the rights and obligations of living in a hostel is the Regulations on hiring a special-purpose lodging.